With 1-to-1 tutorials you can learn about the topics which are of most benefit to you right now. There is no faster way to learn music technology than having a personal tutor who is able to answer your questions as you go!

The following are suggestions of modules which can be taken. There is no specific order, you may take any module at any time. You may take one module or many over a period of time, it's up to you. An interval of one week between modules is recommended in order to let you work on exercises and get feedback. However if you are only in Berlin for a shorter time, you can book up to eight modules in one day for some intensive training!

If you do not see a subject which appeals to you, then please get in touch and I can arrange something based on your specific requirements and situation. Maybe you would like a critical appraisal of some of your own works? Or help with the mix of a track you are working on? It's entirely possible to arrange a session around such topics. Just get in touch. I look forward to helping you as best I can!


Themes for Personal Tuition

(Each module is 1 hour, 75 Euro)


Introduction to Electronic Music

(Devices, Software, Sample Rates, MIDI, Signal Path)




Promotion / Networking

(Demos, Finding and developing contacts,

Music Conference "how-to",

Use of modern Internet tools)




Music Theory for Electronic Music 1

(Notes, Keys, Scales, Chords)




Music Theory for Electronic Music 2

(Melody, Harmony and Bass)




Synthesiser 1

(Introduction to analogue, virtual-analogue

and Software Synthesisers (Subtractive Synthesis),

VCO, Envelope generators, Programming a bass sound)




Synthesiser 2

(Modulation, Attack dynamics,

Programming a lead sound)




Drum Programming

(creating a professional drum sound with drum synthesizers or samples,

use of attack dynamic and quantizing)





(Types of microphones and pre-amplifiers,

Practical instruction in recording vocals and acoustic instruments)




Mixing 1 Introduction

(The mix down process,

Types of EQ,

Practical application of EQ)




Mixing 2 Basic

(Compressors & Limiters,

Introduction to Reverbs)




Mixing 3 Intermediate

(Side chain, multi-band

and bus compressors)




Mixing 4 Advanced

(Deeper knowledge of Reverbs,

Creating a stereo image,

Delays and use of the Haas effect)




Mastering 1

(Introduction to the principles of Mastering,

Dithering, Limiting, Audio formats)




Mastering 2

(PQ Editing, Mastering EQ,

Multi Band Compressors, Exciters)




Live Sound

(Developing a Live Set,

Executing a successful live performance)




Video Game Audio / Audio for Media

(Concepts, Sound Effect Design,

Interactive Music, Creating and improving your demo reel)





(Acoustic treatment methods for listening rooms and studios,

Loudspeaker/monitor placement,

Consultation at your location also possible)





(First steps in creativity or support for artists,

Maintaining creativity, Overcoming writing blocks,

How to constructively use positive and negative criticism)




DJ Skills

(Mixing from Vinyl, CD and Software Programs such as Ableton Live,

Programming a set, Getting gigs,

Long-term survival strategies as a DJ)



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